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AGN President Appoints Nollywood Actor, Sedeter Savior As Special Adviser On Occupational Health & Safety.

Sedeter Saviour.

The National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Dr. Ejezie Emeka-Rollas has in his bid to take the health, safety and welfare of practitioners in Nollywood seriously this year, appointed capable hands into his kitchen cabinat to him stir the affairs of the union body for better productivity and efficiency in the year 2024.

Among those appointed is a Special Adviser who will oversee the occupational health and safety of AGN members and that is no other person than the brilliantly talented actor, Sedeter Saviour.
As Special Adviser to the National President on Occupational Health and Safety, Sedeter Saviour is saddled with the responsibility of overseeing to the day to day safety of all Nollywood actors across Nigeria and in the diaspora. Under her watch as SA on health and safety, she promises to bring her all on the job to make sure the safety of all practitioners across the country is taken care of.
Speaking to "Precious Eze's Blog" exclusively after the announcement of her appointment, Sedeter Saviour xtrayed what she intends to do to create awareness first for actors especially in knowing what to do when there are emergencies in the work place.

She said, "My appointment as SA by the National President of the AGN comes with responsibilities and excitement for me as a person and I know it is a great feat for the industry at large because most times, you'll discover that our people have no or little knowledge on what to do when there are emergencies and this is a cause I intend to pursue as SA on Occupational Health and Safety.

You will find out that sometimes, somebody could have a health challenge or someone might fall while on location and the people around the person would not know what to do and in most cases, some would just bring out their phones and start recording someone who might just need the basic health assistance like resuscitating them until major medical help comes.

One of my dreams is to see to it that every actor is trained professionally on how to become a first respondant being the first help that you get in an emergency before either a medical doctor or practitioner arrives. This is something I want to do joyously for every actor and I know that having actors trained in this field would be beneficial to the industry".

And less I forget please, "When you train actors on how to be safe in their work environment, it makes work both easier and better for all practitioners in Nollywood and atleast, we would have actors with less health risks, less safety risks. Currently, there are not alot of actors who have safety measures or have been trained on safety measures or on how to keep themselves safe in their work environment and this is one of the thing we want to drive down, maybe sometimes, push down the entire Nollywood for a better movie industry".

I want a Nollywood where actors would become responsible for their own safety and the safety of those who work in their work environment.

The appointment of Sedeter Saviour is as it were, a welcomed development in Nollywood, being that she is assumed to be a younger person and one of the luckiest women in Nollywood to be amongst those making decisions that would shape the new phase of Nollywood of today.

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