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FUEL PRICE INCREASE: Put On Your Trekking Shoes - Nollywood Actor, Hilda Dokubo Tells Nigerians.

Hilda Dokubo,

Renowned Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo has urged Nigerians to brace themselves for a significant shift in their daily lives, highlighting the need for endurance in the face of escalating economic difficulties.

Through a video message disseminated on her Instagram platform on Thursday, Dokubo painted a vivid picture of a future marked by austerity, suggesting that the populace should prepare for “a new lifestyle of long fasting, long trekking, and long-suffering.”

With a poignant caption, “Whilst we celebrate our victory, let us prepare for a new lifestyle. Their mandate is mandating,”

The actress delved into the critical challenges currently confronting the nation, particularly focusing on the dramatic rise in fuel prices.

Dokubo’s commentary did not shy away from the reality that many Nigerians might have to resort to trekking as a viable alternative to cope with the surging cost of transportation fuel.

The actress’s reflections extended beyond fuel, touching on the broader economic strain experienced by ordinary citizens.

She lamented the sharp increase in the prices of essential commodities, including electricity, fuel, bread, and Garri, underscoring the profound impact these hikes are having on the daily lives and well-being of Nigerian families.

Despite the grim outlook, Dokubo’s message was not devoid of hope. She called on Nigerians, especially those responsible for numerous dependents, to summon their inner strength and resilience.

She said in part, “Just so you know, fuel is N1,250 which means, on your mandate you have to stand, on your leg you have to walk. Get ready. All of you who do not like walking, go and get trainers so that you can waka.

“We have gone back to the 18th century, electricity, twice they have increased it this year, February never even reach half, fuel N1,250, diesel N1,700, bread is almost N3,000, as for Garri, let’s not go there.”

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