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Scores Injured In Cameroon Bomb Explosion.



There was commotion yesterday in western Cameroon following a bomb explosion that caused the death of one individual and left numerous others injured.

Reports obtained on Monday morning suggest that anglophone separatists may have orchestrated the attack.

According to state television CRTV, the explosion occurred two hours after a procession of school children had taken place to celebrate Youth Day.

The local broadcasting station reported that in the town of Nkambe, an improvised explosive device concealed within a food stall detonated not far from the fairgrounds shortly after the conclusion of the parade.

Videos circulating on social media depicted children dressed in blue school uniforms scattering in different directions, while individuals rushed to assist the wounded victims.

“We have counted 40 wounded, of whom four are serious, and one death. The first suspicions are towards the separatists,” the governor of the northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, told journalists.

The area has witnessed violent clashes between armed separatist groups and the military since 2016.

During that time, President Paul Biya quelled demonstrations by the English-speaking minority, who perceived themselves as marginalized in a predominantly French-speaking nation.

International human rights organizations frequently accuse both factions of perpetrating atrocities against innocent civilians.

For over four decades, the 90-year-old Biya has governed Cameroon independently.

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