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(VIDEO)BREAKING NEWS: A Cleric's Insanity In The Name Of Islam, Calls First Lady, Remi Tinubu An Infidel Leader.

Remi Tinubu.

According the Islamic Cleric whose name cannot be ascertained as at Press Time, said in the video now gone viral and reposted by Sahara Reporters, that the wife of the President and First Lady of Nigeria is a Pastor, as though being a Pastor is a sin.

What the man simply did was expose his level of intolerance to other people's religious belief and practice, if not, why would a man who occupies the position he does occupy be willing to be a tool in spreading hate amongst Nigerians, be they Muslims or Christians.

What this platform believe is that leaders of the Islamic religion should identify this man, reprimand him and maybe strip him off the position he holds in Islam, for we are in complete doubt that even the Vice President, Kashim Shettima would encourage such bad blood in Islam in Nigeria and what gave him the impetus to speak the first lady of Nigeria in this manner.

This man appeared very irresponsible and I think Islamic leaders should call him to order before he sets Nigeria on fire with his tongue.

The video is here attached.

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