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REVEALED: How Access Bank Late Group CEO, Herbert Wigwe Prepared & Got Ready Before Death Came.

Herbert Wigwe.

Precious Eze’s Blog” have learned that the late Group CEO of Access Bank Holding Plc, Dr. Herbert Wigwe had prepared for his final resting place before death eventually struck.

According to a published work by News Express, “He built this private cemetery before he started the Wigwe University. His house here has been designed to have a special gate and walls separated from the university. I can tell you that he had a big vision. Very good vision and he was making efforts to ensure that those visions came to a reality. But what I cannot tell you right now is whether those visions will still be achieved”, a credible source decried. 

Going spiritual, the source said, “It is only the owner of the vision that can implement his visions to the letter. I cannot say if those visions including the university will be accomplished in line with the dreams of the owner of the vision”. 

Virtually all the buildings within the university environment are receiving an accelerated touch. Every completed building wears the same colour of pure white and some black corrugated roofs. The internal road construction is ongoing with the speed of light. Every staff knows his brief.

RCCG Parish Isiokpo Wears New Face

Myriads of activities were seen going on within the premises of the 48-acre “Lion of Judah” Parish of RCCG, Isiokpo. Lands were being sand-filled for car parking in anticipation of the heavy crowd that would attend the funeral next Saturday.

The 1000-seater auditorium with 12 standing split air conditioning units built by the late billionaire was being renovated to depict the status of the man who came, saw and blessed anyone who crossed his path while alive. Residents who live close to the church have donated their farmlands to be sand-filled for car parks while the church itself has expanded deep into the interior to create more space for the expected guests.

Pastor Moses Abe, provincial pastor of Rivers 20, Isiokpo parish was away for a meeting in Lagos when Saturday Vanguard visited, but the Parish pastor, Olaniyan Samuel, was handy. “Our preparation here is to put everything in place to ensure that we ease both human and vehicular traffic on that day”, he said.

“Our brother Wigwe built the main church before he died. It was commissioned by the General Overseer (Pastor Enoch Adeboye). He lived a good life. We will celebrate him not to mourn because he lived a very good life worthy of emulation”.

Pastor Olaniyan said the entire church will appear in Ankara material on Saturday for the burial while all members of the church will be on white for the Thanksgiving service on Sunday. “That is the way we want to celebrate him. We will forever remember him and his good works while he was alive”.

The parish pastor recollected that Dr. Wigwe was in the church premises a few days before he travelled and promised to ensure that the electricity project he embarked upon in the community would be realized. “That was the last time we saw him. Some communities had started enjoying the light before his death”.

Not minding the pains of their son’s death, the Wigwe family still went ahead to provide the Ankara material that would be used by the church members in Isiokpo. To reciprocate the gesture, Pastor Olaniyan said there would be a deliberate move to ensure that the presence of RCCG is felt on the University campus to drive the legacies and vision of the late Wigwe.

We’ve Lost A Rare Gem

Dr. Chukwudi Dimgba, a front-line politician in Isiokpo could not hold back his emotions when he narrated the beautiful memories of late Herbert Wigwe. “He was the light of Isiokpo kingdom. He put this kingdom on the global map through his numerous legacy projects and empowerment programs”.

Dr. Dimgba revealed that Isiokpo council of chiefs and indeed the entire Isiokpo people will work in unison to give the deceased, his wife and son befitting burials. “He will be accorded a full burial rite as a true son of the kingdom. Remember that two weeks ago, the King declared a 7-day mourning period in honour of his death. He deserves all the best because he was our light”.

USA and Nigerian Govts On Trial

Preparations for the burial of the Wigwes may be in top gear but the youths of the community seem to have a joker off their sleeves. They are demanding for immediate explanation from the governments of the United States where the helicopter crashed and the Nigerian government over “its silence” on the root cause of the death.


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